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Bi-wire Solutions

Schmitt Custom Audio Bi-wire Solutions are handy for the audio enthusiast that likes to switch out speakers often. These can be used with a conventional set of speaker cables for bi-wire performance, linking two sets of speakers or for a jumper upgrade to enhance or replace the low quality jumper bars or plates that are often included on speakers with split inputs allowing for Bi-Wire source delivery to the speaker. Each Bi-wire solution is built with 100% pure, fine stranded 10 gauge copper.




Standard pricing for one set of four cables with your choice of Locking Banana Connector to Banana, Banana to Banana, Spade to Banana or Spade to Spade connectors is $45.00 for black heat shrunk jackets over 10 gauge highly stranded oxygen free 100% pure copper at 10 inches in length, which includes USPS shipping in the US. Other lengths available upon request. Longer lengths would be subject to additional charges.

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