New Schmitt Custom Audio Power Cable US IEC and Wall plug,

Current available connectors Pictured in Pair

C-029 IEC Connector + P-029 US Power Plug for AudioSeller Specs:100% Brand New and High Quality- Materiel: 99.999 OFC Pure-Brass, Nylon/fiberglass front body, polycarbonate shell- RATING: 250V/10A or 125V/15A- Color: Black- No.: C-029 & P-029

This 4ft cable has three twisted strands of 12 guage solid core thhn covered in clear heat shrink and worthy of up to 600 volts. Stiff but bendable in any direction. Much better then what is in most household walls.

Price starts at $80 for a three foot cable and free shipping in the USA.





12G THHN USA IEC & 3 pin AC Power Cable