Spade Update:

Schmitt Custom Audio Cables will now be using Gold Plated Copper Spades on all speaker cables that request spade terminations The last photo in the listing.


1/4-5/16 Copper spade Lug, Gold plated, 8 AWG Maximum Wire gauge.

Combination spade size fits both 1/4" and 5/16" Terminals and Binding posts, the most common sizes. Crimp or solderable. A great replacement for any high-end Spade on any high-end cable. Direct Heavy Gold Plating over Copper

Schmitt Custom Audio hand crafted Non Directional Reference 100 speaker cables consist of braiding 4 strands of true 10 gauge finely stranded 100% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Speaker Wire per cable dressed in your choice of Black, Brown, Desert Camo, Camo Green, Platinum Gray, Lavender, Snake, Checkered Flag, Blue, Denim, Reggae, Aqua or Fire braided sleeves and topped off with your choice of Nakamichi 24kt Gold Plated pure Copper Barrel BFA type Banana Plug, regular Banana Plugs, Pins and Gold plated Copper Spades Sealed in high grade heat shrink. An excellent cable for Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping or Conventional configuration.


I recommend the BFA banana over the regular banana with the 4x10 gauge conventional speaker cable because it hold more wire that the two strands of 10 gauge brings. The regular banana does not hold that much wire.

The PRICE FOR "1" SINGLE 8ft braided Reference 100% pure finely stranded  4x10 gauge speaker cable with your choice of color and connections starts at $130 with free shipping in the intercontinental US.

4x10 AWG Reference 100 Speaker Cable Single