Priced per cable!

New Schmitt Custom Audio Budget OFC Speaker Cables 12 Gauge.  

This is Schmitt Custom Audio Cables effort to bring you an affordable OFC speaker cable without all the frills of colored braided sleeves and the labor intense heat shrink application in order to pass the savings onto you.  

This is a 12-gauge, made in the USA medium stranded Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) cable sealed in black PVC with no print. I use a multi-layer of 3:1 heat shrink at the skirt, 6 inches from each end with all connectors sealed in red and black heat shrink.  

Currently offering 2x12 gauge twisted speaker cables along with 4x12 gauge braided Bi-wire speaker cables in lengths and connectors that suit your needs.  The braiding and twisting of wires not only keep the wires together nicely, it creates a natural shield. 

With all of Schmitt Custom Audio Cables, they are not built until they are ordered.   

Schmitt Custom Audio Cables for the “Serious Listener” 

4x12 AWG Budget OFC Bi-wire Speaker Cable Single