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“Sold in Singles”


Schmitt Custom Audio RG6 HD Furez Flex plated Nakamichi Gold plated solderless locking RCA with flame retardant black with white stitched sleeve. The choice is your’s! Sold in Singles starting at .5 meter – 5 meters. Longer lengths are available upon request! 

Nakamichi connectors may have red or white lettering. Nakamichi is slightly less flexible do to added sleeve but rivals your standard solid core RG6 cable. 

Cable specs: 

The Furez Products FZ18FHDV in-wall high definition video cable is a 75ohm flexible in-wall rated RG6 coax cable designed particularly for Home Theater Installations where the flexibility is necessary for routing cables to components and the performance is necessary for today's high-resolution devices. The FZ189FHDV is far more flexible than traditional RG6 coax cable due to its use of a stranded conductor and softer PVC jacket. 

The FZ18FHDV in-wall rated video cable utilizes a stranded 18AWG 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper conductor for minimal signal loss, a low-dielectric constant foamed polyethylene insulation (FPE) for minimal capacitance and triple shielding with a 15AWG 95% tinned copper braid, 120% Aluminum Polyester Foil wrap and 100% conductive PVC sheath to maximize protection against unwanted noise infiltration. 


Furez FZ18FHDV 18AWG Flexible In-Wall High Definition Video Cable 
   •  18AWG 75Ohm Flexible RG6 Coax Cable 
   •  UL CL3 In-Wall Rated 
   •  Compatible with 1080P Resolutions and beyond 
   •  Color: Light Gray 
   •  Extremely Flexible: Well suited for In-Wall and Rack Use 
   •  65 Strand - 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Conductor 
   •  RG6 Coax Conductor Construction 
   •  Triple Shielded Construction 
         - 95% Tinned Copper Braided Shield (143 x 36AWG = App. 15AWG) 
         - 100% Conductive PVC Sheath 
         - 120% Aluminum Polyester Foil Shield    
   •  Impedance: 75 Ohm 
   •  Velocity of Propagation: 78.5% 
   •  DC Resistance Center Conductor: 6.38 Ohm/1000' 
   •  DC Resistance Shield: 4.25 Ohm/1000' 
   •  Rac @ 1KHz: 10.66mOhm/ft 
   •  Capacitance @ 1KHz: 17.44pF/ft 
   •  Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.117uH/ft 
   •  0.032" (0.810mm) Thick PVC Outer Jacket 
   •  0.195" (0.70mm) Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation  

Schmitt Custom Audio Cables for the “Serious Listener” 

Free shipping in the USA! 

75Ω HD Furez FLEX Nakamichi (Single)

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