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This sale is for 1 Pair of new Schmitt Custom Audio Belden Blue Balanced XLR Cables Lengths from 1-10ft. 
These cables are constructed with Belden  9463 Twinax - Blue Hose® Cable 20 AWG stranded (7x28) .038" tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, Beldfoil® (100% coverage) plus a tinned copper braid shield (55% coverage), sunlight-resistant PVC jacket. 
Choice of Connectors:
Neutrik NC3FXXB(female) XLR and NC3MXXB (male) XLR Black/Gold connector with red/right black/left color coded rings.
Neutrik NC3FXX and NC3MXX nickel with silver plated conductors with red/right, black/left color coded rings.
FREE SHIPPING in the USA only.

Belden/Neutrik 3 pin XLR Interconnects Pair

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