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Schmitt Custom Audio Rhodium Plated Pure Copper or Gold Plated Pure Copper C-330 USA IEC to Rhodium Plated Pure Copper P-330 grounded AC wall plug 15A 250V.


Belden 29522C 12 AWG 3C Black BC XLPE Spiral Copper Tape Shielded 600V VFD Cable


The VFD cable is an electrical wire used in harsh environments, including high noise levels and voltage spikes, while supporting variable-frequency AC motor drives. The operating temperatures and voltage ratings of this electrical wire differ according to the product family.


Size (AWG): 12

Number of Conductors: 3

Stranding: 7x20

Ground (AWG): 16

Number of Ground: 3Stranding: 7x24

Number of Pairs: 0Weight (lbs/1000ft): 175.0

Nominal Insulation Thickness (inch): 0.030

Nominal Cable Diameter (inch): 0.460

Nom. Imp. (Ω): 50

Nominal Capacitance (pF/ft): 37.0


Cable has white print no colored sleeve.

Drain ground wire connected to ground wall plug only.


Please keep in mind that with all the shielding on this cable, it does flex but is on the stiff side. 


Choice of Rhodium plated or Gold plated connectors. Lengths from 3 to 10 feet. Longer lengths available by request. 

Price starts at $150 for a three foot cable and free shipping in the USA.





Belden Rhodium or Gold Plated USA IEC & 3 pin AC 3/12 Shielded Power Cable

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