All lengths less 8ft are still subject to the $65 price per cable. There is a point where materials and labor collide. If you wish to have your cables less than 8ft please let me know when purchasing them.


Schmitt Custom Audio Hand Braided OFC Bi-wire Speaker Cables with  choice of connectors and colors.These cables consist of 4 strands of 99.95% pure, oxygen free copper stranded speaker wire, hand braided, 2 strands per connector at amp, 4 at speaker. dressed in your color of choice and terminated with your choice of 24kt gold plated copper banana plugs or 24kt gold plated red copper spades and pins. The same connectors I use on my Reference series of cables.


These cables are a personal favorite.  They are an over spec 14 gauge wire that measures out to a 12 AWG. They perform at a level much higher priced then is listed here.They are very flexible, don't tangle and lay flat. Electromagnetic interfierance is greatly reduced naturally due to the braiding.

choice of 24kt Gold Plated pure Copper Barrel BFA type Banana Plug, regular Banana Plugs, Pins and 34kt Gold Plated Red Copper Spades Sealed in high grade heat shrink. An excellent cable for Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping or Conventional configuration.

A standard price for an 8ft, braided OFC cable with your choice of sleeves and connectors start at $65 per cable with free shipping in the continental US.

4x12 OFC Bi-wire Speaker Cables