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A Pre-Built set of Schmitt Custom Audio Gold Plated SILVER SONIC RCA-600 Interconnect Cables. 3ft in length each, snake sleeves. 

I have two sets of these prebuilt and ready to ship. There are no options for these cables


These are the last of these connectors I have in stock and will not be re-ordered. Look at images closely as some of the connectors have one little black spec on them. 


 CONNECTOR  DH Labs Silver Sonic RCA-600

Contact Material: Gold Plated Copper

Cable entry hole: 6.5 mm

Type: RCA Plug


The RCA-600 was designed to offer a DH Labs quality audio RCA at an affordable price. The entry hole of the RCA-60 comfortably accepts cables up to 6.5 mm in diameter. Same connector used on the DH Labs White Lightning.


Cable Specs:


2 conductor

24 gauge

stranded silver plated copper


white teflon insulated


$60/pair, 36" in length with free shipping in the USA.




DH Labs SS-600 RCA Interconnects, 3ft, Shielded, Silver Plate Cable

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