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Schmitt Custom Audio Furez/Nakamichi Locking RCA Interconnects featuring Ultra High End Nakamichi 24kt Gold Plated Locking RCA made in Japan silver soldered to Furez FZ162AA 16AWG CL3 Analog Audio Cable. These are a directional cable with a dual ground at the source delivering a Full, Rich and Quiet signal.

Furez FZ162AA 16AWG CL3 Analog Audio Cable------

The FZ162AA audio Cable utilizes a combination of 2 16AWG 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper conductors for minimal signal loss and foamed polyethylene (FPE) conductor insulation for low capacitance, plus Double Shielded Construction. This is a great Cable for Analog Interconnects for your Stereo Audio and Home Theater System.

The FZ162AA CL3 in wall rated analog audio cables is designed with the discerning audio enthusiasts in mind. The FZ162AA cable internally incorporates a 16AWG twisted pair configuration with 2 Shields to maximize protection against unwanted noise infiltration. Shield one is a 95% tinned copper braid and shield two is a 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil wrap.

Furez Products has addressed some of the issues typically found with in-wall audio cables. Furez Products has designed this analog audio cable with flexibility and longevity in mind. High flexibility is achieved by using a softer PVC jacket in combination with a high strand count conductor. The conductor insulation thickness has been increased to protect the inner conductors from oxidation. A non-oxidizing tinned copper braided shield is utilized to further ensure longevity of the cable since the shielding of a cable is more susceptible to oxidation due to its proximity to the outer edge of the cable. Whether you are making a pair of DIY Interconnects for your Stereo Audio System, or doing a do it yourself home theater system installation, this is a great cable to use.

Furez FZ162AA Specs.

 • 16AWG Analog Audio Cable / Subwoofer Cable
 • UL CL3 In-Wall Rated Analog Audio Cable
 • Color: Dark Blue
 • Extremely Flexible: Well suited for In-Wall and Standard Analog Audio Cable Uses
 • 103 Strand (Per Conductor) - 99.997% OFHC C10100 Copper Conductors
 • 2 Conductor Plus Double Shielded Construction
 • Internally Twisted Conductors with Molded Round Outer Jacket
 • Double Shielded Construction
 - 95% Tinned Copper Braid Shield (136 Strands of 36AWG = App. 15AWG)
 - 100% Aluminum Polyester Foil Shield
 • See FZ162AA In-Wall Analog Audio Cable Construction Detail
 • DC Resistance: 4.01 Ohm/1000'
 • DC Resistance Shield/Conductor: 2.09 Ohm/1000'
 • Rac @ 1KHz: 8.40mOhm/ft
 • Rac @ 1KHz: 6.34mOhm/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
 • Capacitance @ 1KHz: 20.86 pF/ft
 • Capacitance @ 1KHz: 39.56 pF/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
 • Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.201 uH/ft
 • Inductance @ 1KHz: 0.126 uH/ft (w/ Shield & Negative Conductor)
 • 0.032" (0.810mm) Thick PVC Outer Jacket
 • 0.0275" (0.70mm) Foamed Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation
 • Nominal Outer Cable Diameter - 0.295” (7.493mm)
 • Weight: 0.066 lb per Foot

Prices start at $75 for a .5 meter Pair/Set/2 cables and free shipping in the USA.

Furez/Nakamichi Locking RCA Interconnects

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