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Schmitt Custom Audio Gold Plated Nakamichi RCA Interconnects 

These RCA connectors are heavy duty and weigh more than most RCA connectors this size. The signal transfer and sound quality are comparable to much higher priced RCA connectors thanks to their 24kt Gold Plated Super Pure Copper Connection. 


Item Description: 

  • 100% Brand new, ULTRA , top quality. 

  • Made in Japan. 

  • 24K gold plated connectors for highest signal transfer. 

  • RCA Phone plug. 

  • Compatible with wire size up to 6mm diameter. 

  • Color coded 

  • Condition:  High Quality 100% Brand new! 


Choice of cable:


2 conductor

24 gauge

stranded silver plated copper


white teflon insulated


Belden Brilliance 8451 22 AWG 2C Mic Line Instrument Cable Beldfoil Shield

Professional shielded wire for balanced and unbalanced audio signals

CMR/CMG and riser rated for permanent installation

Two 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors

Polypropylene insulation maintains high flexibility and excellent electrical properties

Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage with stranded tinned copper drain wire)

Small diameter PVC jacket offers low profile, easy handling, and good protection


Belden 22/2

Solid Core 22 gauge copper unshielded cable. 2 strands of 22 gauge solid cores in a red and black jacket both covered with a white PVC jacket. (UL) Type CMR 75C 


Belden 735A1, 75 Ohm Mini Coax

This cable has a Gray PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) Jacket. The Coax has a 26 AWG (SPC) Silver Plated Solid Core Copper Conductor, a Foam High Density Polyethylene FHDPE Dielectric Material, Tinned Copper Braid Shield (95% coverage) with Beldfoil® (100% Coverage) Foil Wrap on the Dielectric. This Coax cable has a 75 Ohm Impedance.

Impedance: 75 Ohms

Overall Nominal Diameter: 0.129 in.

Conductors: 26 AWG (SPC) Silver Plated Copper Conductor, and Tinned Copper Braid Shield (95% Coverage)

Shielding: Tinned Copper Braid Shield (95% coverage) with Beldfoil® (100% Coverage) Foil Wrap on the Dielectric


Vintage Western Electric

Western Electric 24 gage PAIR solid core, cloth silk wire tinned... from the 40s and early 50s..

2 strands twisted with choice of sleeve color.


0.35mm 6N OCC Highly Conductive Copper

0.35mm square --- 19 strands 0.16mm wire in clear PVC

3 strands braided, 2 strands lead, 1 strand shell,  Can be reversed upon request, naked or choice of sleeve color.


Prices start at $95 per pair at 0.5 meters with free shipping in the USA.


Nakamichi RCA Interconnects

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