Schmitt Custom Audio Mogami W2549 Mic Cable to Rhodium plated Eutectic Copper Locking RCA Interconnects.

High Quality Audiophile Eutectic Copper housing Rhodium plated for best signal transfer Locking RCA Connectors silver soldered to Mogami W2549 Neglex microphone cable by Mogami is designed to preserve your signal while rejecting noise. W2549 is indicated where extended high frequencies are required, and for long cable runs. Two 22 AWG conductors plus a served (spiral) copper shield are covered by a 0.236" PVC jacket, dressed in your choice of colored Techflex Sleeves and silver soldered to Rhodium Plated Eutectic Copper  locking RCA connectors.

Standard pricing for one set of Rhodium Plated Eutectic Copper Locking RCA interconnects at 1 meter in length is $90.00 with your choice of colors which includes Free USPS shipping in the US.

Rhodium/Mogami W2549 Locking RCA Interconnects