Schmitt Custom Audio Silver Plated Solid 24 gauge copper RCA interconnects consist of solid core 24 gauge, silver plated copper covered in PTFE dressed in the colores of your choice and twisting around each other creating a natural shield. Silver soldered to high end silver plated RCA Connector with Anodized Aluminum Green Shell for the best and longest lasting conductivity possible. Beautiful to look at, exceptional performance. Silver Plated Copper Alloy construction ABS/TEFLON Insulation Jewel like finish Anodized Aluminum Barrel "Louver Tech" Center Contact Geometry for perfect contact pressure.

Standard pricing for one set of two Schmitt Custom Audio Silver Plated Solid Core 24g copper IC's  $90 with your choice of color at .5 meter in length which includes Free USPS shipping in the US.

Silver Plate Solid 24g Copper RCA IC's