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Snake Cables

Need a custom built snake cable? XLR, TS, TRS, Speakon? Up to 32 channels?  Let me know the  all specs. Connectors, color, length etc. I use Mogami 2-32 channel or Redco snake cables from 2 to 24 channels. All points are soldered using Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder. Each solder point is then sealed heat shrink protecting the integrity of the connection. These are high end Pro Audio Snakes cables that I build using Neutrik Black Gold 3 pin XLR as a standard. Custom built to Customer specifications with an American supplier and cable that is made in the USA. Please allow a two week lead time from estimate to shipping. Lead time is determined by orders.

Below is an example of a basic 16 channel XLR snake cable spanning 30ft in length using Redco TGS-16 Snake cable, terminated with all Neutrik Black Gold 3pin female XLR connectors at the stage box and Male 3pin at the mixer with 2+ feet of leg room for each male connection.

Price: $800

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