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Schmitt Custom Audio Interconnects

When the goal is to expand your listening experience to the maximum, don't be afraid to mix and match metals to achieve the fidelity you are looking for. As subjective as the audio world is, thinking out of the box is a norm around here.

We have a variety of  shielded studio cable from Belden, Gotham, Mogami and Canare, non shielded stranded and solid core silver/copper wire and choices of RCA/XLR /3.5mm TS/TRS connectors along with 24kt Gold Plated WBT-0144 Locking RCA, Made in Japan Nakamichi Locking RCA, Rean/Neutrik  Nickel and Gold Plated RCA Connectors, Neutrik Gold Plated with Black Color Coded Shell and Strain Relief Chuck RCA Connector, Silver Plated RCA Connectors and American Made Switchcraft Gold Plated RCA Connectors, Furutech FP-126(G) RCA Connector Gold Plated RCA with PCOCC central pin with choice of wire,Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Profi Professional RCA connectors with choice of wire.


I use Neutrik 3 pin Male (NC3MXX) and Female (NC3FXX) XLR Silver with Silver Plated 3 pin or (NC3MXX-B AND NC3FXX-B) Male and Female Black Shell with Gold Plated 3 pin connectors for Balanced XLR and  XLR to RCA interconnects. These cables are geared for the "Serious Listener".


Into Silver? I now have .9999 22 and .999 24 gauge pure super fine, round silver wire, 24 gauge solid core silver plated copper, studio quality silver plated pro audio cable with 20 gauge stranded silver plated lead and silver plated copper RCA connectors in stock!

6N OCC 3.5 TRS
Nakamichi Silver Plated Solid Core RCA
Chrome Gold Tellurium Copper RCA
XLR Interconnects Gold Plated
Nickel_Canare RCA IC's
Male TS to Female TS
Schmitt Custom Audio RCA Cables
Western Electric XLR
KLE Silver
WBT-0144 RCA
Nickel Silver Plated XLR Interconnects
Nakamichi Locking RCA
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