Schmitt Custom Audio Speaker Cables


For the "Serious Listener"

New, Schmitt Custom Audio 4mm 6N OCC Copper Speaker Cables with a choice of Furez Silver plated or Bare Copper Spade and Banana connectors.

These are built with 4mm square - 49 strands 0.32mm wire sealed in clear PVC equaling near a 12 gauge wire per:

Furez SP8 W25NP Bare Copper Spade Speaker Connector

Furez SP8-SB40AG Silver Spade Speaker Cable Connectors

Furez TSTSB40NP Bare Copper Banana Plug Connectors

Furez TSTSB40Ag Silver Plated Copper Banana Plug Connectors

Schmitt Custom Audio Reference 100 Speaker Cables feature four strands of 100% true spec finely stranded Oxygen Free Copper soft touch chemical resistant black PVC jacketed 12 and 10 gauge  speaker cable with your choice of colors.

The Reference 100 line of cables are also available in 2x12 gauge and 2x10 gauge linear design.


Standard OFC...Schmitt Custom Audio Hand Crafted Speaker Cables consist of braiding 4 strands of true highly stranded OVER SPEC 14 Gauge 99.95% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Speaker Wire per cable dressed in your choice of Black, Brown, Desert Camo, Camo Green, Platinum Gray, Lavender, Snake, Checkered Flag, Blue, Denim, Reggae, Aqua or Fire braided sleeves and topped off with your choice of 24kt Gold Plated pure Copper BFA Barrel type Banana Plug, regular Banana Plugs, Pins and Spades Sealed in high grade heat shrink. An excellent cable for Bi-Wiring, Bi-amping or Conventional configuration. The over spec 14 gauge cable is the size of a true spec 12 gauge.

Connector Options

I use 24kt Gold Plated Copper BFA and Regular banana connectors on all of my standard cables. No worries about corrosive build up on these connector like you would with standard brass or copper. 24kt Gold plated Red Copper Spades are are the Schmitt Custom Audio Cables Standard when spades are requested. I also have the vintage pure copper spades for those with 3/16" binding posts. These are available an a right angle version connector at your request.

Feel free to contact me if these connectors do not work for you. I have many other types and if not I can obtain them.

Furez Silver Plated Pure Copper Spade Specs:

Furez Bare Copper Spade Specs:



Furez Bare Copper Banana:


Furez Silver Plated Copper Banana:


From Bottom left to right we have the Nakamichi dual screw curved pin

The Nakamichi dual screw BFA barrel type and regular banana

The Red Copper Spade

The Vintage Gold PLated Copper barrier strip spade

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