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Customer Reviews

I was looking for a non biased review on my speaker cables from a recent customer and John B. excepted the challenge! Thank you much John! Click                     for a very informative review of Schmitt Custom Audio bi-wire speaker cables.


Other Customer Testimonials:


Hi James,


I received the speaker cables and XLR interconnects in good order, and I'm very happy with the purchase.  The cables look fantastic and are very well built.  I like the Western Electric interconnects a lot. I installed the speaker cables as you instructed and had no problems with the connectors. Both very excellent products!


I took some time to listen to the system with your cables, and I'm very pleased with the positive effect the cables and interconnects have had on the sound quality. The speaker cables in particular have added sparkle and detail to my system, without sounding bright.  Both sound staging and imaging noticeably improved.  The soundstage appears deeper and wider. 


I wanted to thank you for making the cables for me which I'm going to enjoy for a long time!  Also, thank you for your great customer service, your recommendations and patience in answering all of my questions.  


Best regards, 

James New Jersey


"I contacted James about making special grounding cables for my REL subwoofer pair. He quickly responded with options and possibilities. The price was very reasonable, and he was able to ship my cables out very quickly. They are exactly what I wanted in terms of functionality, and the materials and construction far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend consulting with James about your cable needs. -Roman B."

Regarding Silver Plated Copper 24g Solid XLR IC's

On Mon, Apr 4, 2022 at 7:49 PM Mark A.wrote:

May I elaborate as this is my first experience with balanced cables? 

vs RCA? Using a McIntosh MA5300 integrated amp…


More “presence”

More warmth aka analog sound

Black silent background

Better separation 

more gain

Overall a feeling that a veil has been lifted from my speakers. 


Is this all possible? LOL. 


I am somewhat moved by the difference over my Monster 400

interconnects. Night and day! 


Thanks again. 

Mark A. - New Hyde Park, NY.

On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 6:09 PM wrote:

Hello, Mr. Schmitt,

I hope you will indulge me some of your time for some comments about my purchase. Recently, I was just strolling through the cable section on ebay just for the hell of it. After all, my system is set and the last thing I need would be more cables and what could I possibly find on ebay,? says me.


After all, my CD section runs through a PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport to an EAD Series III DAC to my Counterpoint SA 5000 preamp via Analysis Plus Solo Crystal ICs. What could possibly be better than that?


So, on ebay I spot a 1 meter pair of cables sporting WBTs and that gets my attention. Not a name I am familiar with but they look decent in the pictures and, after all, the maker thinks enough of them to put really high quality RCAs on them.  Not much money so lets take a chance. But I don’t need them but, Ok, let’s try it.


They arrived yesterday and I put them in place this AM. Now this is where it might get a little syrupy and tear drops of joy may show up on my email but I will try to maintain decorum befitting an avid collector and listener, still with good hearing, in his 80’s.


OMG! I NEVER expected to happen what happened! My CD section literally came alive! I am not given to hyperbole. And here I thought those AP Solo’s I’d had in place for literally years and years were serving me well. The sounds now literally jumped fully fleshed and detailed out of my electrostatics, wall to wall and clear as a bell. Brought tears to my eyes. Truly amazing and actually thrilling.


You, Sir, have provided me a transformative experience due to whatever magic you have discovered and “bottled” within that cable sheathing. I can’t imagine what is in there but whatever it is is just spectacular. Total absence of veiling, no emphasis in anything particular, just beautiful clarity across the entirety of the presentation, top to bottom, enhancing the stage and imaging.


Unaccustomed as I am to writing anything like this to anyone, I just had to tell you how happy I am, that I now DO believe, to some degree, in fate and to a large degree in luck as I realize that had I not decided to wander through ebay, seen your cables and taken a chance, I would have listened on thinking what I was hearing was “pretty darn good.” Phew! Who would have thought?


Thank you, thank you for what you do and what you did for me.


Warmest regards,


Ren Welch

On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 3:46 PM Mark wrote:



I just wanted to thank you for the cables. I know, I know they weren't gifted to me but still I feel thanks are in order. You helped me breathe new life into my 15 year old plus Paradigm Reference 100's (VER. 2). I had them connected to my Mcintosh Power Amp with 12 Ga. lamp / zip cord since I originally purchased them. Needless to say there's been a noticeable improvement. You actually saved me money as I was about to replace the Paradigms with something newer and more exotic. But, as fortune would have it I decided to proceed slowly and try to improve the least expensive part of the signal chain first. I sure am glad I did. I'm not saying that a speaker upgrade might not be in my future, but I will say that for now I'll savor the sonic improvement that your product has provided me at a reasonable price.


Keep up the good work!


Best Regards,




4X10 Reference 100 Bi-wire Speaker Cables

Thu, Oct 28, 10:22 AM (21 hours ago)

to me

Hi, James.


Thanks so much for the speaker cables. I can see the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into these cables, which I very much appreciate. They look beautiful and sound wonderfully transparent.


I’m sure I’ll be back for some other cables soon.


Kind regards,

John A.

On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 10:14 PM Paul R wrote:



I’ve been listening for the last day and my music has never sounded so real, clean and holographic. I think your cables and service are top notch and you’ve got a new fan!

On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 7:06 PM Gary  wrote:

You make wonderful cables. I really have not given them a chance to fully burn-in yet but they sound excellent with very few hours on them. I wished I new about you and your outstanding cables

years ago. I spent the big bucks on Transparent Cables and while I enjoyed them they always seemed way too expensive. Frankly, your cables sound just as good and are far more cost effective. Almost everyone can afford to enhance their audio system with your excellent cables. Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you Gary 

Subject: Report on new Schmitt 1.5 Meter KLE Silver interconnects

Hello : Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my new ( Silver ) Schmitt 1.5 Meter interconnects.

My goal was to try a Silver Interconnect which would mate well on my EAR 834 P Yoshino into Leben CS-600 ( Intg. Amp ) . This would be my first attempt to try Silver Interconnects on my 834P Phono Amp. 

I have tried many other quality copper cables and always enjoyed them, but since my Phono System tends to lean towards the warm side, I wanted to bring it back " A touch " and not suffer any typical Silver Cable Negatives. With only about 20 hours logged things are going well and starting to open up. They also mate very well with my current Power Cord VH Audio " Airsine " ., which is a touch on the warm and Punchy side.I had expected to have to juggle tubes in my 834P , but looks like I am good to go...


Thanks for your quick work and cables look and sound great....Charlie 

James I received the Belden 8451 interconnects with Nakamichi RCAs and they are very nice! Nice job. I think they have better detail and just an overall more detailed sound than the Audioquest Big Sur and Belden 1505F cables I had used before. Very impressed and you do great work! Looking forward to the subwoofer cable I ordered.

Take it easy.




Just wanted to thank you for cutting out the high prices and filling the gap between reference quality equipment and cables that don’t require you take out a loan. I’ve got great equipment in fact, a Simaudio i5.3 and Dynaudio Focus 140 - i knew it was time for some quality speakers and you ticked all the boxes in my requirements OCC, Belden cable 10awg braided. Thank you, I will spread the word of your service. Proud to finally eliminate the last piece of gear from China in my system with my new reference cables. Proudly handmade in Wisconsin by my buddy James.

Thanks again,

Andrew J Winter

OFC Speaker Cables

Good Morning, I received your cables last week but because of a local power shut down, voracious wind storm, downed trees on shut downed power lines and a forced evacuation because of fires here in northern Oregon I was unable to install the cables until yesterday. I hooked them up to my 901's and noticed a significant difference and wrote my feedback. Well, now that I've had them running for a few hours and am able to listen closer, this is an investment I should have made years ago.
I am not an audiophile, just an avid listener with a pretty nice system that thought he had been hearing the best that his 901's had to offer. I've owned 901's (III's & IV's) since 1978 and I really don't think I've started to understand their capabilities until I hooked up these new cables. I could always make them loud but past a certain volume level they became sonically annoying. Clarity is increased exponentially, particularly at higher volumes yet there is a richness that wasn't there in the past as well. I am more than happy and wanted to thank you for helping unleash the capabilities of my system. I have pooh-poohed upgraded cables for years; how wrong I was


- bimmerbob

Vintage Western Electric RCA Interconnects.

I wanted to say how much I love the set of vintage Western Electric interconnects I recently purchased on your recommendation. I wanted a reasonably priced RCA interconnect to run from the tape out on my Thor Audio TA 2000 to a headphone amplifier to power a set of HiFiMan HE 560’s. Talk about “WOW” , My ears would not believe that these were very reasonably priced interconnects. At this point the engineer in me (I am a Petroleum Engineer) decided I should attempt some simple testing. I have a set of Kimber Kable Select Series KS 1036 RCA interconnects connecting an Ayon Audio CD-2s cd player to the TA 2000. The TA 2000 is connected to a pair of Sophia Electric 845 tube monobloc’s by Audioquest Niagra RCA’s. The amps connect to a pair of McIntosh XRT 25 speakers with Kimber Kable Tri-Focal tri-wired speaker cables. I switched the interconnects around while listening to cd’s and vinyl’s of different genres utilizing both headphones and speakers. The verdict-your interconnects were an amazing equal-they were in a good system up against rather pricey competition and they performed admirably. Again “WOW”.

Thank you for your help in selecting these interconnects and THANK YOU for such an amazing product.

Joseph N.

4x10 Gauge Reference 100xx Bi-wire Speaker Cables with Silver Plated Bananas 30ft each.

Hello Jim,

Your speaker wires made my McIntosh MC2300 come even more alive than I thought it could be. I am running JBL L890's and Polk Lism705's, I have been switching your cables between the 2 sets to see how they sound. I am incredibly happy with the quality of the cables and the improvement of the sound coming from the speakers. I can't wait to get the other set to run both of the MC2300's together. I am running everything through my McIntosh C2500 tube pre amp that I just added a few weeks ago, with the addition of your cables the sound just keeps sounding better.

Thank You,


Ref 100 High level Sub-woofer Cable:

Greg is running two Rel subs and wanted two 15ft sub cables with the right and left lead combined as one connection on each.

Hey Jim


The cables came in and are perfect. The length is just right and the way we set up the strands and Bananas is just what I needed. They sound great too and I appreciate working with me to get them right!


It works perfectly and is a much more elegant solution than trying to deal with two leads. Before the bass guitar was not that clear and was kind of mushed with the kick drum but now it is separated and when they go up and down the scale I can follow better. The overall presentation has improved as well.


Thanks again



4x10 gauge Reference 100xx speaker cables and Balanced 3 pin XLR Interconnects

Hi James,

I received the cables today (surprising on a Sunday).  I must say, I was quite surprised in the improvement in clarity and ever so slight increase in volume.  I would not have imagined what I thought was an already 'revealing' system could be so much more so.  I swear I can hear someone getting up in a concert hall 40 rows back to use the restroom!

thank you,


4x12 gauge Reference 100 speaker cables with vintage angled spade to pins.

Hi James,

Thanks again for the fabulous speaker wire you made for my vintage Mcintosh tube amp system to connect to my Tannoy Lancaster speakers. After a few months use I am still stunned by how good they sound.

I have those in my main system in my living room and now I need a set of speaker wires for my music room.


4x10 gauge Reference 100 Bi-wire speaker cables and WBT RCA to XLR Interconnects:


sorry for the delay in letting you know I got my cables. there is a pretty big difference between those and what I was using. I think your cables really fall at a sweet spot of price to quality. cables did not only look great but the connections were also really snug.  I will definitely buy more cables from you down the road.

thanks again,


Reference 100 Speaker Cable:



Cable arrived last night and I think this is the best audio investment I have ever made, dollar for dollar. I had read about the speakers, Audioengine A2s, for sometime, and when they went on sale over Christmas I bought them. I was really impressed when they arrived, top quality packaging, finish and feel. When I hooked them up they sounded good, but not great. I listened for a while and went back to their website where they offered a high end audio cable that I took to be an upgrade for the ordinary speaker wire they came with. I ordered it and when it arrived I was embarrassed to see that it was a high end cable with RCA plugs. Luckily I could use it on my main system and it made a marked improvement. But I became obsessed with finding a speaker cable. When I stumbled upon your site, it seemed like the perfect fit, and you were unbelievably responsive. When I plugged it in last night, all the hype and accolades for these speakers came alive. The bass shows up, the separation is awesome and on good recordings, they have a real presence. I simply cannot believe the difference this cable made, and the build, fit and finish is a perfect match for the speakers. I will never hook anything up without looking at what you have to offer, and will recommend to all I know. 




Reference 100 X Bi-wire Speaker Cables:

Hey I got the cables on the weekend when my sister in law came up. They're awesome and I got them through the speaker stand channels. I replaced a set of Cardass Gold that a friend loaned me and cost literally 10x as much. Your cables sound great! I need another set to replace some old monster cable M series. Will take some measurements and get an order in over the next day. I want them exactly the same way just a different color and length.



THHN Power cables:

Good morning James. You have managed to do it again  !!!! Wow. The sound just bloomed like a coat was taken off the music. The cables sound excellent. They will only get better with break in. Very impressed and happy. I've experienced this before with my first system many years ago. So I knew what I was waiting to hear. And you delivered in spades. Awesome. They look great as well. Sturdy, yet pliable enough to place where needed. Great job my friend.


WBT-0144 RCA Interconnects:

James I've spent good money on cables over the past 10 years or so. Since I found you my system has never sounded so good for a fraction of the cost. I system is now completely Schmitt Custom Audio Cable. With that they aren't even broken in yet. The build quality is as good if not better than the big boys. They better watch out. Thank you so much!!!!  Kevin


Reference 100 bi-wire with silver tips.

Hello James. I've finally been able to listen to my audio system over the weekend quite extensively.  I am extremely happy with your cables. Your workmanship is excellent. Sonically, the cables sound great. My Totem Forests were singing. I will be contacting you soon for some more cables. Probably a pair of interconnects 1m rca. I have also recommended you to some friends.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing more business in the near future. Thanks again for all your help.

Dante A Scirea.


Regarding Schmitt Custom Audio Nakamichi Locking RCA interconnects:

Love the interconnects. While I can't say I notice a difference, they replaced a pair of Audioquest  Earth cables, so they were up against a very solid pair of interconnects. Again, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but have a considerable amount of time and money invested in my cables and interconnects, and really take time to test and compare items to insure I am getting the best possible sound out of my equipment.  These interconnects sound virtually identical to the Earth's I was using.  I could not be more pleased. I will be ordering 2 more pairs and a single for my center channel.





Hi James! I Am Happy To Tell You That With The Comparison I Made Between Your Schmitt Reference 100 & Audioquest Type 4. Your Cable performed Much Better In Clarity & More Bass! With Your Cable Only Played About 10 Hours Against At Lease 20 Hours Of Audioquest Type 4....Your Cable Need No Golden Ear To Tell The Difference! Both Cables Were Hooked In The Same Speakers Opposite To One Another! Being Schmitt Reference 100 On The Right Speaker & Audioquest Type 4 On The Left! They Were Switched On The 3rd Day & My Observations Remains The Same! Also, Your Cable Is A Bit Louder Than The Audioquest Type 4! I Believed That Both Cables Will Have More To Give But I Strongly Believe That Your Cable Will Remain On Top As The Margin in between The 2 Is Quite A bit! I Can't Wait Till I Get My 2 pair So I Can Listen To Them As Well In My 2 Channels! Playing With These Cables Is Just So Much Fun As They Perform More Than I Could Be Satisfied With Their Sound! I Will Also Write Something In Your Facebook Just To Say Thank You! I Will Remain Your Follower In Every Audio Cable Needs In The Future! Once Again, Thank You So Much!

Ramon Mayo

Scott just purchased a set of Schmitt Custom Audio Reference 100 Tri... Yes, Tri-Wire speaker cables. Here's what he wrote to me moments ago...


Not what I much more that I anticipated, and my expectations were pretty high. 


Amazing difference in the sound stage / presence in the room. Much fuller and more dynamic. The lows are not as harsh and it really brought the high notes more in line with the mid range. Bottom-line: There is an incredible balance to the room now, that I thought I already had!  Boy, was I mistaken. Just to show you the difference, I was playing November Rain at the normal setting (preset volume) and my wife came in as it is one of her favorite songs. About a third month easy through, she stopped the song and wanted to know what changed. She said she could not believe how much more she was hearing and how clear and enveloping it sounded. Funny thing is she had no idea I bought the cables, much less installed them!

Best regards!




I think its time you Quit your day job, James. The manager of the Magnolia Room located in Best Buy in St. Petersburg, FL said your interconnectors are as good or if not better than his highest end Mackenzie cables. Thanks again

James DeMarzo.



So it's been a few weeks and these cable are exactly what my Thiels needed. Awesomeness!!!! 



Received my new cables on Saturday - Love the Schmitt signature on the ends of the cables and the craftsmanship that went into the cables. The banana connectors fit very tightly, tighter than any cables I have used before, AQ, Cardas, DH Labs, and Monster. I am not much of a believer in that cables make a difference in sound since selling my other cables and pocketing the money, with that being said, I do believe I hear, or don't hear, a much quieter background - Very nice job on these cables and I would buy again! (maybe soon)



Hi James,
Your cables are real good.Slightly more "live" than my ZU Wax bi wires and they listed for $995 10 years ago.You should be very proud of your product.
I wish you every success.





James  —

To my Ears, in my Systems:


Straight wire Maestro (I & II) & Virtuoso sounded Better than Monster Cable 1000/II.  Your ICs sounded Better than Straight wire.  Your ICs also sounded Better than Transparent Audio Music Wave & Music Wave Plus.  The Same for the Speaker Cables, as well.

It's the Music that Matters, and although I Always bought them Used, I want to get Off the 'Expensive Wire' Bandwagon.

Again, to my Ears: these 'Cable Designers' are Manipulating parts of the Audio Spectrum to Alter what comes though.  I find your Cables to be Neutral and Closer to the Sound of Live Music, which is my Criteria.

I Installed the ICs into my Main (Office) System and played a couple of my Usual Reference:  Herbie Mann ( Homemade CD/R of Live Recordings) & Happy Trails (Quicksilver Messenger Service / Live!)




Now, these Cables have Yet to Burn-in, but as I may have mentioned to you, on 'Who Do You Love?' (Quicksilver), the Guitarist (John Cipollina?) makes a comment to the Audience during his Solo which, in the past, has Only been Audible on Vinyl.  However, I Heard it with the IC's that you made for me!  Xxxxing WOW!!



Hello Mr. Schmitt,
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. The cables look great!
I am confident that the cables will provide me with years of excellent sound.
Have a great day and a Happy New Year!




I recently purchased a pair of cables that match the pair you have listed on the asylum. I don't know how you can sell these at such an affordable price but i am grateful you can. I would like another 6' pair to go with my
passive bi-amped Maggies.



I found Schmitt Custom Audio cables on eBay. I sent his specifications to Chet at Definitive Technology to see if they would work well with my new SM65's. He said they looked very nice per the specifications and appearance. So I ordered them from Schmitt web site. I am so far very pleased with their performance. James Schmitt is very reasonable to deal with.

Mark B.



Hi James, 

Thank you again for the cables they are great, I would like you to make me a 2 or 3 ft. center speaker cable for a Bowers & Wilkins CM Center 2 S2 Dual 6-1/2" 3-way Center Channel . Please look up the specs on this speaker and give me the best possible cable.

Same color as last two you just made me.



Hi James. You made a set of speaker cables and interconnects for me a few months ago and I can’t get over how good they sound. I am embarrassed to say how much I have spent over the years on cables only to find yours outperforms most if not all of them. I would like to replace all of my cabling with you!  




Cables arrived and are fantastic. Bass is strong and highs are sweet. My McIntosh is happy and of course so am I. If I need any other cables you are the guy.


Thank you

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