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Schmitt Custom Audio Cables  are used by Steve Hoffman’s mastering of Sly & the Family Stones Greatest Hits and Loggins & Messina SACD Projects,"The Bootleg Series, Volume 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964" for Audio Fidelity SACD and others.



Specializing in Speaker Cables, RCA and Balanced 3 pin XLR analog interconnects along with 1/4" TS/TRS among other types of audio cables listed in my store. The inventory changes periodically. 

Usually when you buy audio equipment it doesn't include quality cables. If cables are included you can bet that they are not telling you what your system really sounds like.  The first thing I notice is the upgrade in sound quality. Going from dull and boring, even fatiguing at times to a totally new and enjoyable listening experience. From there I was able to determine what my components actually sounded like without the coloration you get from so many types of manufactured and designer style cables.


FOR THE SERIOUS LISTENER... The "Audiophile" Quality cables are just as important in sound as say, the type of tube a person uses in their audio setup. They all sound different. So I roll cables just as I roll tubes. If you haven’t had a chance to experiment with cables in this fashion you may be very surprised at the differences you hear from the source to pre-amplifier, pre-amplifier to amplifier and amplifier to speakers etc.. Changing any set of cables in that combination changes sound.


The cable world is highly subjective with endless types of wire and connectors. The combination is infinite. They all bring a different nuance in sound. Some more noticeable then others. Neither better or worse at times. Just different.  Some are much more suited for solid state as others for tube. Ultimately, it's the listeners preference. 

Schmitt Custom Audio 4x Speaker Cables are hand braided, proven to reduce electromagnetic interference naturally


Schmitt Custom Audio hand crafted OFC Speaker Cables consist of braiding 4 strands of 12 gauge  99.95% Pure Stranded and twisted Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Speaker Wire per cable.  Excellent performers. I encourage you to check out my customer feedback page and their experience with my cables. 


Schmitt Custom Audio Reference 100 Speaker Cables

Feature 100% true spec fine stranded OFC soft touch chemical resistant black PVC jacketed  4x10 gauge  speaker cable dressed in your choice of Black, Brown, Desert Camo, Camo Green, Platinum Gray, Lavender, Snake, Checkered Flag, Blue, Denim, Reggae, Aqua or Fire braided sleeves and topped off with your choice off 24kt Gold Plated pure Copper Barrel BFA type Banana Plug, 24kt gold plated copper regular Banana Plugs, Silver Plated Banana, Gold Plated Red Copper Spade connectors, (standard on the Reference line of speaker cables when requesting spades) or 24kt Gold plated  Pins Sealed in high-grade heat shrink. An excellent cable for Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping or Conventional configuration.

Also available in 2x10 AWG.


Schmitt Custom Audio Interconnects are taken seriously!

Though originally designed around my personal audio systems, I tested many types of cable and connectors. I still do for the matter. I’m constantly testing for improvements but I found that if I wanted studio quality sound then I go directly to the source. My interconnects and speaker cables are being used by not only thousands of Audio Enthusiasts but also a variety of recording studio’s throughout the United States. The number is growing!


Schmitt Custom Audio Interconnects are built with Premium  Studio Quality cable from Belden, Mogami, and vintage Western Electric silk cloth covered tinned copper wire, silver, silver plated wire and 24 gauge 6N OCC highly conductive copper with your choice of colored braided sleeves and your combination of Balanced XLR to XLR , XLR to RCA, XLR to Locking RCA, RCA to RCA and Locking RCA to locking RCA with choices of 24kt Gold Plated, Silver Plated or Nickel Leads. New Furutech FP-126(G) RCA Connector Gold Plated RCA with PCOCC central pin, Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Profi Professional RCA connectors, KLE Copper Harmony silver plated pure copper RCA and gold plated Tellurium Copper RCA's.


Into Silver? 

I have .9999 22 gauge and .999 24 gauge pure super fine, round silver wire, silver plated stranded copper with 100% shielded studio quality cable, 24 gauge silver plated solid core copper and silver plated copper RCA & 3 pin XLR connectors in stock. The inventory is growing.


Studio & Musicians?

Being fellow guitar enthusiast myself, many of the cables I build integrate well with the pro audio scene. I have mini 3.5 mono and stereo, The 3pin XLR collection and nickel  and gold plated, straight and right angle TS, TRS connectors  in stock. I generally use Mogami W2524 for guitar cables with Rean/Neutrik TS connectors. I also have Belden Brilliance, Mogami W2549 Mic Cable and solid core silver plated coax cable in stock.  I've made some elaborate types of cables in the past and ordered the parts as needed so sometimes there is a small waiting period before I can have your order built. Please feel free to email me with any requests you may have and I will respond as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of my business most of the cables I build are upon request to your specification from a variety of colored jackets and connectors. By navigating my site you will see many choices along with the difference in cost. I think you will find these charges to be modest. All totals include USPS shipping within the continental United States.


All of the cables I sell are built and inspected by myself. I work hard to turn things around in 3 to 5 days. If you need something you do not see please feel free to email me with any and all questions. If your request includes non stocked parts more time will likely be required.

Customer Satisfaction is N0. 1 @ Schmitt Custom Audio Cables!

James Schmitt

Schmitt Custom Audio Cables,

Colby, WI 54421

Email is BEST!

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