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All lengths less 8ft are still subject to the $80 price per cable. There is a point where materials and labor collide. If you wish to have your cables less than 8ft please let me know when purchasing them.


Each 8ft Cable Consists of Twisted-pair technology eliminates noise for crystal clear sound. Made from silver-tinned 100% virgin copper for a pure uninterrupted signal and power transfer. Capped with Silver Plated Screw Type Banana Plug and spade Connectors For the Ultimate Connection and Dressed in Platinum Braided Sleeves along with a Premium Selection of Black and Red Heat Shrink.


I also have 24kt gold plated banana and red copper spades by request with no price change.

Other color options are: Black, Brown, Platinum Grey, Reggae, Aqua, and Snake.

PRICE FOR ONE (1) A standard of 8ft or under 12 gauge cables with your choice of connectors and sleeve starts at $80.

2x12 AWG Silver Plated Speaker Cable Single

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