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Schmitt Custom Audio Silver XLR Interconnects consist of .9999  22 gauge or .999 24 gauge pure  fine round silver.


The 4/9 22 gauge silver is ran through 16 gauge PTFE tubing and the 3/9 24 gauge (pictured) is ran through 18 gauge PTFE tubing.  3 strands per interconnect, braided and terminated to color coded Neutrik NC3MXX and NC3FXX 3 pin silver plated XLR connectors with Cardas Quad eutectic silver solder.

Available in .5 meters through 1.5 meters starting at $275 for a .5 meter, 3/9 set of 3 pin silver XLR  interconnects with free shipping in the USA.

Balanced XLR Pure Silver Interconnects

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