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Schmitt Custom Audio Gold Plated Pure Copper C-330 USA IEC to Gold Plated Pure Copper P-330 grounded AC wall plug 15A 250V with white shells.

14 AWG 3C SJOOW Power Cable 

This heavy duty 3 conductor power cable is perfect for use on professional sound stages and other high current applications. It features 99.9% pure stranded copper for maximum conductivity. The premium grade black rubber jacket provides excellent resistance to abrasion, water, oil and is highly flexible, even in low temperatures. UL listed and CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use. Temperature range: -40Ø C to +90Ø C. Voltage rating: 300 volts, type SJOOW. UL #62. CSA #C22.2-49 where applicable. 3 conductor colors: black, white and green. Made in the USA. RoHS compliant. Total outer diameter 0.38" +/-(0.02") with 0.14" inner conductor +/-(0.01").


Dressed in your selection of Techflex sleeves at lengths from 3 to 10 feet. Longer lengths available by request. 

Price starts at $110 for a three foot cable and free shipping in the USA.





Gold Plated USA IEC & 3 pin AC 14/3 Power Cable

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