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Schmitt Custom Audio Gold Plated Tellurium Copper RCA Interconnects with chrome color coded shells. Works for me...

Connector Specs:

Five-pointed Star shape socket locker design for tight RCA socket connection.

This socket locker was made by extremely durable glass fiber Nylon.

Nickel free gold plating for longest durability and warm sound.
Central conductor pin made by tellurium copper.

We choose UNS C14500 tellurium copper for central conductor pin, this material has very low resistance and amazing sound characteristics. Hollow sharp central pin will get lower noise and open sound. Both features can only seen on the most expensive RCA plugs.

UNS C14500 tellurium copper: 99.5% copper, 0.5% Te and 0.008% phosphors. It has the same conductivity as pure copper with much higher hardness and oxidation resistant.I went with the gold plate over the rhodium. Why? The final decision was conductivity. And some serious listening of course...I like what these do with all the wire I use, not just certain wire... Conductivity is where its at folks. It correlates directly with sound. The wire is only as good as the connector its attached too. You can only go so far for perfection and then you start paying for someones brand.... These connectors do there job well.

These RCA cables are built using Mogami 2549 mic cable with a 24 gauge stranded copper lead, 100% stranded copper shield.

Prices start at .5 meter = $85 with free shipping in the USA.

Gold Tellurium Copper/Mogami 2549 RCA IC's

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