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Schmitt Custom Audio Guitar Cable spanning 6ft-25ft options using premium Professional instrument cable dressed in a TechFlex platinum gray expandable sleeve. Multiple color options available.


Terminated with a choice of 24kt gold or nickel plated Rean/Neutrik heavy duty TS connectors using Cardas silver solder, reinforced with high grade inner adhesive heat shrink under the shell and 3:1 ratio heat shrink over the shell making this cable a very road worthy companion.


Cable Specs:

The TGS-MD is a specially designed cable for use in connecting Guitar/Bass, Keyboards, or other Instruments to amplifiers, mixers, and other outboard gear. This 20 AWG Oxygen Free Copper cable provides low capacitance and low resistance, resulting in improved frequency response. The proprietary Carbon/Braid Copper shield construction virtually eliminates microphone handling noise, especially on stage where instrument amps are often set to high volumes. And the treble's "edge" is preserved, even when using guitar pickups with long cable runs.

  • Rugged yet flexible construction: Soft...Flexible...Scuff Resistant Matte Black Outer Jacket
  • Polypropylene Insulation: "TGS" Polypropylene insulation will not melt or shrink back during soldering.
  • Copper is OXYGEN FREE: Oxygen Free 20 AWG cable with 38 AWG braided tinned copper shield
  • Outer O.D. = 0.195" (without added sleeve)
  • Low Capacitance and Resistance
  • Reduced handling noise
  • Made in the USA


TS Connector Ordering Details

Nickel Right Angle to Nickel Straight = NRA to NSTR

Nickel Straight to Nickel Straight = NSTR to NSTR

Gold Straight = GSTR


Free Shipping in the USA


Schmitt Custom Audio Cables for the "Serious Listener"

Guitar Cables

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