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Hand Crafted Schmitt custom Audio Sub-woofer Cable for REL high level subs. Lengths listed are total length.

This particular cable fits Rel high level subwoofers. It consists of 1 Neutrik NL4FX Speakon OR Neutrik NL4FX ANGLED Speakon connector to Three 24kt gold plated copper Bananas, spades or pins connected by 3 braided pure stranded 12 gauge copper wires dressed in Snake sleeve with each separated leg 12" long. Red = right, Yellow = Left and Black = ground.


I also build these cables for use with two subs. You would use two cables. Each cable would have the red and yellow combined to one connector with one black ground. 

A standard 8ft braided 3x12 gauge cables with your choice of connectors and colored sleeve starts at $100.

High Level Subwoofer Cable fits REL

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