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Schmitt Custom Audio Cables  are used by Steve Hoffman’s mastering of Sly & the Family Stones Greatest Hits and Loggins & Messina SACD Projects, "The Bootleg Series, Volume 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964" for Audio Fidelity SACD and others.

For the "Serious Listener" 

Flat Rate World Wide Shipping! United States is always Free!  


We have silver plated banana and spade connectors for speaker cables upon request.




All interconnects are sold as a stereo pair. Two "2" cables per order.
All speaker cables sold as singles.
All Speaker Cable lengths less then 8ft are still subject to the 8ft price per cable. There is a point where materials and labor collide. If you wish to have your cables less than 8ft please let me know when purchasing them. Schmitt Custom Audio Cables are "NOT" built to be modified down the road.  Any modifications is at the sole discretion of Schmitt Custom Audio management. 
Speaker Cable FACTS
Your audio equipment user guides are not always accurate. Lets get it right the first time! Please review the speaker cable standards we use.
Standard Speaker Cable Ratio = 2:2 Connectors On Each End Per Cable
Bi-Wire Speaker Cables Ratio = 2:4 Connectors on Each End Per Cable
Bi-Amp Speaker Cable Ratio = 4:4 Connectors on Each End Per Cable
Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Connectors Orientation. The first choice of connector is the amp terminal, second is speaker. 
BFA or Regular Banana to Spade = BFA or Regular Banana - Amp, Spade - Speaker
Spade to BFA or Regular Banana = Spade - Amp, BFA or Regular Banana to Speaker

By making a purchase on this site you are also stating that you measured your cables to the correct length, have the correct connectors and the correct color.

Silver Plated Spade/Banana
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